Here are five interview questions employers should never ask, and employees should never have to answer. 1. "Where are you from originally?" Even though your country of origin has no bearing on


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5 illegal interview questions

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This video was created for our Introduction to HR Management class. Before the interview, think through illegal questions listed below. Decide how you will handle them. If you are not comfortable answering one, prepare your answer ahead of time. Try to answer in a way that maintains your privacy without offending the interviewer.

5 Illegal Job Interview Questions 5 Illegal Job Interview Questions. By. Staff April 24, 2014. If you’re looking for a new job, you know you’re going to have to answer some tough

“What a lovely engagement ring. Are you planning to start a family soon?” an interviewer asks you while making pre-interview small talk. Seems innocent enough.… These five interview questions are illegal for potential employers to ask you.

5 illegal interview questions

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SHARE “What a lovely engagement ring. Are you planning to start a family soon?” an interviewer asks you while making pre-interview small talk. Seems innocent enough. But it’s actually illegal.
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Again, the question is tied to the job and not your personal life. It can be difficult to answer personal questions during a job interview. After all, if you want the job, you do not want to seem difficult. If a question seems illegal or just makes you feel uneasy, simply direct the question back to …

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Jun 5, 2018 Check out our list of illegal interview questions that interviewers can't ask you and learn how to answer them if they every do.

Gender Identity · 4. Martial or Family status · 5. Race, Color or Ethnicity · 6. Religion. Jan 23, 2017 What sort of illegitimate and illegal interview questions should you be you're willing to discuss in a professional interview and move on.